Kirkland is growing. We need new thinking to handle this growth. We need transit to help traffic congestion and prepare for sound transit 3. We need better property rights to keep our seniors in their homes. We need transparency in our intercity meetings to keep government honest. Vote for me if you want to build Kirkland for the future!

Increased Transparency
Kirkland participates in many partnerships with other cities. These public meetings have no meeting recordings, no meeting minutes, and no archives. This keeps members of the public in the dark, thus we don't know what our government, hired consultants, and paid lobbyists are talking about. I would push Kirkland for a full reporting requirement on all intercity meetings any member of the government participates in.

Library Improvements
We need the downtown Kirkland library to have later hours and have some maker facilities for our children and artists. I would like to work with the county to extend library hours until 8 PM, add at least one 3d printer, and add one laser cutter to this library location. This will help our children learn the principles of robotics, allow our artists to create new kinds of art, and allow our seniors a chance to work with wood and textiles in a quiet manner.

Justice Reform
With Totem Lake redevelopment, the city is bringing in a lot of new apartments. This will bring in more density, and density brings crime. We currently have 6 police vacancies, and are losing experienced police officers. We need to increase officer pay to encourage our experienced officers to stay on the force, and we need to increase the budget for police recruiting.

Private Property Rights
Developers in Kirkland can use Eminent Domain to seize private property for forced economic redevelopment. This displaces our traditional businesses and threatens our seniors. I want to pass an ordinance forbidding the city of Kirkland from using eminent domain on any property with an active business on the location, or with a senior citizen living within the property. In addition, if the city does not use the property within 5 years of eminent domain action, for any reason, the property must be returned to the owner on record immediately prior to the eminent domain action.

Tree Removal
It is too hard to remove dangerous trees. We have many windstorms in Western Washington, including hurricane category winds. I would like to amend the tree removal process to grant tree-removal permits on any tree that can be shown via photographic proof to be dropping dangerously large branches after windstorms. Currently, said trees are subject to the 2 tree per plot requirement, and are hard to remove without considerable expense. The city must grant, without charge, a permit to remove such trees without replacement. This will allow dangerous trees to be safely removed before there is a life-threatening fall. In addition, a process should be created to allow trees deemed to be dropping large branches, certified dangerous by an arborist, or otherwise proven to be dangerous, and owned by an out-of-state landowner, to be removed by anyone in the fall radius of the tree by owner consent.

Aquatics Resource Center
Residents have long wanted an aquatics center. The council historically has used this as an excuse to create a new taxing district. I would like to investigate partnerships with private organizations like fitness centers to determine if a public access pass program can be created for young children, high-school swim teams, and seniors. This would allow us to serve the needs of the community for indoor swimming space while reducing the amount of tax money needed to support such a program. In the alternative, I would like to explore public-private partnerships with organizations such as fitness clubs and the YMCA to see if a public aquatics center can be built in Kirkland with an admission price not to exceed $5/day.

Modernize Construction Code and Inspection
I want to allow closed-wall inspections as part of the permitting process. This would allow developers to better plan their workloads, reducing the costs of construction in Kirkland. In addition, this would allow for more advanced construction techniques like panelization that reduce environmental waste and speed construction time. In addition, I would like to add new materials like fiberglass rebar and flexible concrete to the list of approved construction materials. These materials have been shown by universities to have enhanced durability and seismic stability, and should be investigated for use in Kirkland.

I want to make our roads safer for our children, and make existing transit more convenient to use. I propose adding, "Your Speed" electronic signs on any arterial road within 1 mile of an elementary school. For schools with a front entrance and a rear play area, I propose adding crosswalks to streets that have an intersection near the rear play area. With Totem Lake redevelopment, parking at the Kingsgate P&R will be further constrained, making transit harder to use. I propose working with the county to add parking spaces to this park and ride. Market street parking is underutilized for both the businesses and transit available there. I would like to remove the 4-hour parking restriction on Market Street to allow more access to both businesses and transit stops there.

I would like to freeze property tax rates and amount paid for all senior citizens on a fixed income. While this idea may need refinment and be difficult to accomplish, anyone over the age of 62 who has less than one million dollars in assets excluding their home, is accepting social security payments, making routine withdrawls from a retirement account, or can show proof of fixed-income status, will have their tax frozen at the amount being paid when retirement began. This allows our seniors to age in place, and helps reduce the probability that our parents and grandparents will be displaced by the rapid growth currently happening in King County.

Due to the weather, fear of stranger abduction, and to enable working parents to have working space while they watch their children, I want to slightly expand the North Kirkland Community Center using a public-private model. This would add a 2,000 square foot great room to the center available for rent to any child or senior service provider with an open-bid auction process. It would also create coffee cart space available for rent to any business wishing to operate the cart space. Rents from the businesses would cover the cost of the expansion, and a third party will verify that this idea is feasible. In the alternative, I would like to consider rezoning the area by the municipal court to create a mixed-use zone where businesses with large space needs can operate, as that area is underutilized and is well suited for such use.

Campaign Finance Reform
No one seeking election for any Kirkland position may raise or spend more than 10x the filing fee for the position. Some campaigns raise more money than some position's annual pay. This creates a system where moneyed special interests damage democracy for everyone. This city ordinance will allow ordinary Kirkland citizens the ability to run fair races, and reduce the amount of nuisance advertising during campaign season.