The 2015-2016 city budget was above $584 million dollars. When taxpayers foot the bill of all services, we must be vigilant against potential abuses of government. Elect me if you want to keep foxes out of the henhouse.

Future Focus

Technology is flying forward. We need ways of making government more efficient. The Information Technology fund for 2015-2016 is over 14 million dollars. Yet, despite the budget, Kirkland's website is dated, hard to search, and many important eastside committees have no online recordings or meeting minutes. Earthquake safety information is hard to find. It's time we put a real technologist on the council. Elect me to improve our IT infrastructure.


As a parent who often commutes to the city by bus, I see that our park and rides are already full before the 9AM school start time. This means those of us with small children can't drop off our kids, then take the bus to the city. We need more park and ride spaces to reduce traffic and help the environment. Our local schools need more crosswalks, as parents and children are dangerously jaywalking in the Morning. Elect me to the council to help improve our parking, crosswalk, and transit situation.